The best testosterone booster in 2021

Testosterone levels naturally decrease with age. While testosterone replacement therapy may be an option, there is some debate as to the downsides it may present to some people such as heart risk and stroke. You might instead be interested in natural testosterone boosters .

What is testosterone and why is it important to keep it at optimal levels ? 

Testosterone is the main male sex hormone. It is responsible for producing characteristics associated with masculinity such as facial hair, muscle mass and libido.

As testosterone is a steroid hormone, it is responsible for several psychological and physiological effects. Unfortunately, from the age of 30, the concentration of this hormone drops in the blood. [1] It is estimated that 70-year-old men have 35% lower average testosterone levels than younger men. [2] This results in a lack of libido, erectile dysfunction, acute depression, fatigue, low energy and insomnia.

Restoring normal hormonal levels of testosterone with what are commonly referred to as  » testosterone boosters  » helps, according to specialists, to contribute to better activation of the nervous system, resulting in more power and strength, better mood and improved libido . [3]  

What is a testosterone booster ? 

Testosterone boosters are compounds used to increase the level of testosterone in the blood. They are used for several reasons ; basically in situations where the body is unable to produce adequate levels of testosterone for whatever reason. The boosters therefore correct the testosterone deficit and restore the body’s balance . Athletes use it to increase their performance on the field and body builders use it to increase their muscle mass. 

The frequency and duration of use of these substances depends on the underlying cause of the inability to produce normal levels of testosterone. Their use can be sustained for life or be discontinued once the body’s ability to produce testosterone is naturally restored.

Anabolic steroids vs natural testosterone boosters. It is not same thing ! 

There are dozens of testosterone products marketed to treat low testosterone levels, including anabolic steroid gels and injections. An expensive and invasive method, the injection of anabolic steroids involves introducing into the body a form of testosterone usually produced from soybeans. Anabolic steroids, however, can cause your body to stop normal testosterone production, the testes to shrink, sperm production to decline, breast tissue to grow, and the liver to become sick. These are just a few side effects of this type of synthetic boosters. 

Prescribed by prescription only, anabolic steroids are prohibited in athletic competitions because they can alter appearance and enhance physical strength and potency. If improperly dosed, these steroids are likely to cause permanent damage to the body.

Besides these prescription boosters, there are a number of herbal and vitamin boosters that are marketed as natural and safe alternatives for increasing testosterone levels. The latter are not prohibited because of their harmlessness and are available over the counter, which is also a discreet and less annoying solution for men.

Three main natural testosterone boosters

You can find testosterone boosters made with these ingredients alone or grouped together in the same formula: 


It is a combination of zinc and magnesium, often with a little vitamin B6 . ZMA works as long as you are deficient in zinc and / or magnesium. This happens quite often in athletes who have increased needs in vitamins and minerals compared to sedentary people. By taking ZMA, your testosterone production increases to its normal level. If taken in the evening, ZMA helps to have a restful sleep, in particular thanks to the magnesium it contains.

Aspartic acid

It is a nonessential amino acid. This means that it can be made by the body. There are two studies with conflicting results that have been done on this ingredient.

In Study # 1 , d-aspartic acid was shown to be effective in increasing testosterone levels. In Study # 2 , it is not. The difference in the results between these two studies is due to the type of population chosen. In the first case, the researchers took a tired and deficient population who had abnormally low testosterone levels and in the other study they took people with normal testosterone levels. The first group of study 1 saw their testosterone level increase while for the second group of study 2 their testosterone level was unchanged.

This is generally quite logical since, testosterone boosters never increase the level of this hormone beyond the norm. At best, if it works for you, it will bring your testosterone levels back to normal .

D-Aspartic acid is not only of interest for testosterone because, in addition to that, it helps in the production of energy and in the elimination of ammonia.

Tribulus Terrestris

Even though studies on men are lacking about tribulus, there has been a lot of feedback in real life and in forums from people who consume tribulus and experience improved libido, decreased nervousness. and an increase in energy.

Like ginseng, maca and ashwaganda, tribulus Terrestris is also a natural adaptogenic plant, used for thousands of years to facilitate the body’s adaptation to different stressors (internal and external). [4.5] 

Experts and users agree that Testogen is among the best testosterone boosters on the market

Testogen is a 100% natural testosterone booster food supplement, with clinically proven ingredients. Testogen has been science backed to reverse the symptoms of low testosterone. Men in their 30s and 40s are the primary target audience for this supplement, as explained on the official Testogen website . Indeed, it is around this age that the testosterone level decreases due to stress and the hectic pace of life that men generally lead. 

Unlike anabolic steroids, which increase testosterone by directly injecting hormones, Testogen stimulates the production of your own testosterone using plant extracts and other natural ingredients . These are exactly 11 ingredients including ZMA and D-Aspartic Acid that we have mentioned above.

Testogen is one of the best-selling testosterone boosters in nutritional supplement history and the evidence is that this supplement uses enough of the right ingredients (independently tested) to provide measurable results, especially when used as suggested. . In addition, its 100% transparent formula, with no secret ingredients, is made in a factory approved by the FDA and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified . This means that the manufacturer has demonstrated a strong regulatory commitment and compliance with international manufacturing standards.

Finally, if you are wondering if testosterone boosters like Testogen are doping products, the answer is definitely NO. Testosterone boosters are simple dietary supplements and not doping products. Be careful, however, because some unscrupulous sellers add doping substances to their products without mentioning it on the label, to improve their effectiveness and encourage you to buy back their product . To do this, check the origin of the product and the various tests that have been done on them as well as the reliability of the seller.

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